Thursday, 24 November 2016

Motat writing

Crazy Motat Adventures

Planning Space
(Characters & Setting)
Leiite Leonardy Seluone
We miss the bus

The bus takes us back to school
Start Writing Here:
On a wet day on Tuesday the whole year 5 and year 4 went to Motat Then we went to the home room and me and Leiite and Leonardy went to the toilet When I came out of the toilet everyone was going and i said let go we're going to miss the bus and they took long then the bus was gone after it went to night time we couldn't see anything because it was dark and we had to sleep at Motat. In the morning at Motat we got up and walked and walked for a bus to stop a bus comes and stops for us we got in the bus the takes us back to school we were back at school and we went back to class and it was nearly home time so we went home.

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