Monday, 2 July 2018


today at school we presented our experiments our experiments was a vinegar and baking soda rocket our was outside because if we put it in class it will make a mess and it worked three times and then we failed after that but it was cool then when we were finish our experiments we went to take a look at other peoples experiments in the street and lots of people were in there and i got to play it that was all for our experiments.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Samoan language week assignment

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 Samoan Language Week Assignment

Using the following websites below you need to create a presentation about SAMOA!

Using your research skills you need to find the following:

(tick it off once you’ve completed it)
What is the capital city?
Culture: What cultural food do they have?
Cultural clothing?
Samoan ofu
Cultural music/dance?
Samoan musika
Cultural customs?
Samoan customs
What is the population?
197 ,695
Select 3 famous Samoan people and tell us information about them.
dwayne johnson, ronnie,  
What is there religion?
What is their currency?
Samoan tala
Who is the Prime Minister?
Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi
What are some popular tourist attractions or famous landmarks? (Choose 4)
Upolu, manono island, to sua ocean trench, piula cave pool,
How many islands are there?
What sports are they good at?
Include a map
Map of Samoa
Include a picture of the flag
Include any other images in your presentation
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Links you can use:

Problem solving

Monday, 30 April 2018

Immersion assembly

We had to go back to school on Monday at immersion assembly it was term 2 the term was about i like to move it we watched team 1 video first it was about how to lift heavy objects and then it was team 2 the teachers had to go up the stage and do it the teachers were driving things with wheels and then it was team 3 the team 3 teachers were at the park and there were some songs in the videos and then it was team 4 there video was about wings and making things that can fly and the last team was team 5 team 5 teachers was doing tagar war they had to get three more teachers to play after that we went back to class.