Wednesday, 19 October 2016

In to the cave.

One day me and friends went to the cave to look inside of the cave we walk around and then we stopped. For a brake we sat down and got our waters out and drink ed it. And then we got up and walked around again and then we got to the end and then stopped again to eat. And then we walked around and around and tile we got back but then their was an earthquake. Then I told my friends to freezes then some big rocks fell down and it block the cave. Then we couldn't get out then we were trapped inside the cave. We tried to find a hole to get out of the cave but there was no hole to find to get out.

Then me and my friends tried to push the rocks down but they were too heavy to push down. We wanted to have a rest because we were pushing the rocks so we kept on pushing and pushing but it was still heavy to push then we pushed harder then it went. Down then we got out of the cave and never went back in the cave again and we went home to have a rest.


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