Friday, 17 March 2017

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Year 5/6 camp - Writing

Year 5/6 Camp - Writing

Hook the reader in, and let them know what your writing is going to be about.

Paragraph 1
What is camp. When, Where, Why. All the information. What activities did you do?
At camp we slept at school on the field at pt england school we on wednesday night for two nights and its was windy and cold at night and our team was called the sheriffs and our camp king was kurtas and our camp queen was naomai we had rotations and we had kayaking and swimming we played the game called get lost we vs the captains at get lost killer zone on the last day we went to mongara pools we had fun at the pools.    

Paragraph 2
Highlights. What were your favourite parts, and why?
My favourite part was when we went to the Mangere pools. And the slide was long and cool and there was a bombing pool and it was cool too.

Paragraph 3
Thank you’s. Who made this happen for you? I.e. Family, School, Teacher, and Leaders etc
I want to say to Mr burt thank you for making camp happen and Miss parrent Miss scanland Mr somerville for camp too thank you.

What did you learn about yourself on camp, why would you recommend that every student does this in future.
I learned about camp kayaking and killer zone and we got to do cool things we went to the beach and we went to the pools too and it was lots of fun at the pools and kayaking was fun.