Wednesday, 7 June 2017


IT was a windy night and it was scary too. There was a boy called Arthur. He told his mum if he could go for a walk outside and his mum said yes but she said come back home fast. So he went outside to go for a walk he had his torch with him so he could see in the dark. Arthur went walking and then he stopped.

Arthur stopped because he herd something scratching. Then Arthur was scared then he dropped his torch and Arthur ran away somewhere else. Then Arthur got lost in a scary long tunnel. Arthur walked towards the end it was dark. Arthur heard a sound and there was clowns that came out of the dark. They had red on their mouth and the clown's mouth had cuts on their mouth. All the clowns came to attack Arthur BUT Arthur ran away but the tunnel was locked so he couldn't get out of the tunnel so the
clowns got him.

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