Thursday, 25 May 2017

Swimming lessons.

Swimming lessons

Introduction: 3 - 4 sentences
Who, what, where, when
Team4 went swimming for the first three weeks we brang our togs and towels our class had to walk to the GI Pools And there was three instructors and there names were jed and jess and kat.

Water Safety: 4 - 6 sentences
  • What did you learn about being safe in the water?
  • What did you do with the life jackets?
Team4 learnt about the water to where life jackets if it deep. In The lakes they a dangerous because the water is dirty and you can't see in the water and then you might go down and you will get stuck.

What did you learn about swimming: 4 - 6 sentences
We learn about swimming To get in the pool you have to put your hands on the side to get in. When we a swimming we have to keep your chin down on your chest. We learnt to dive in the water.

How did you feel?   3 - 4 sentences
What will you do different next time you swim?
I felt happy because we had fun at swimming. Next time i will try my best at swimming. At swimming it was cold there when we had to take our showers but when we put our legs in the pools it felt warm.

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